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Ten tips for using categories and tags on your WordPress news site

March 25, 2014

#1: Multimedia should be a state of mind, not a category.  Don’t fall into the habit of thinking of Multimedia as a category that’s separate from other categories on your site. For an online news staff, using multimedia should mean offering readers more than just text stories –– they should be adding video clips, photo Read More

Tools vs. Skills: Rethinking WordPress and the focus of modern scholastic journalism

August 27, 2013

Our students use a lot of tools in their work as journalists; they use physical tools such as computers, phones, recording devices, card readers, and cameras, but they also use software tools such as InDesign, PhotoShop, and Microsoft Word. It seems that in the last five years, there’s been a veritable explosion of new tools Read More

Looking towards WordPress 3.6

January 21, 2013

WordPress 3.6, which is slated to be released in late April 2013, has a series of improvements in the works that will surely be useful for scholastic journalism staffs as they use their WordPress sites.