Trump has left us all out in the cold

October 28, 2020

Fox News probably isn’t going to cover the story of the Trump supporters who were abandoned in the 31 degree freezing cold after Trump’s rally last night.

Trump’s supporters were bused in (hey, isn’t that what they accuse BLM of doing?), and for whatever logistical reason, it took up to 3 hours (!) to get them all back to their cars after the rally at Eppley Airfield outside Omaha. Trump finished speaking by 9 p.m., and some of his rally attendees didn’t get transportation to their cars until midnight.

At least 7 people had to be taken to hospitals, and police had to shuttle some elderly attendees who were in distress.

Anyone who organizes events should understand this thing called logistics. They should plan for every contingency possible. If they’re going to bus people in, then they need to have a plan for busing them out, especially when many of them are elderly and the weather is freezing.

If you’re young and healthy, waiting several hours in the cold is probably just an inconvenience. But not everyone is young and healthy, and a logistical failure like this is inexcusable.

And it goes without saying that this rally and its attendees disregarded any semblance of even trying to take basic health precautions like mask wearing and social distancing in a state with runaway Covid cases.

Just last week at the debate, Trump asserted that “we’re rounding a corner” on the coronavirus pandemic. Every day except one since that debate has seen more than 70,000 new U.S. cases, with new all-time case records being set.

Yesterday, the White House “Science” Office declared that the current administration “has taken decisive actions to defeat the disease.” Note the past tense. It is not defeated. Even Trump’s Chief of Staff Mark Meadows admitted this week that the virus is not going to be brought under control. They can’t even agree on their messaging.

If the Trump crew can’t even handle the logistics of busing a relatively small crowd of thousands back to their cars after a pre-planned event, are we supposed to believe these clowns are going to handle vaccine distribution for 328,000,000 Americans?

If you are still one of his followers, know this for sure: he does not care about you –– you are nothing more than a prop for a campaign that is marked by selfishness, recklessness, and ineptitude.