Some earnest questions for those of you flying your Trump “No More Bullsh**” flags

October 22, 2020

Let’s start here: Do you really think Rudy Giuliani was just doing a deep one-handed shirt tuck in the Borat video that was released yesterday that shows him flat on his back in a hotel room while a 24-year-old woman who he thought was 15 was leaning over him?

Or how about this favorite story of the week: Do you really think Hunter Biden would have three damaged MacBook Pros at the same time and then decide to take them all to a Mac repair shop run by a Trump supporter who then gave a copy of the hard drive to deep-tucker Rudy after Hunter failed to pick up his laptops after 90 days? Would you even trust a computer repair shop with a website this bad: Or believe that it’s possible to get anything fixed on a MacBook Pro for $85 as the bill to Hunter supposedly shows?

Even more tiring than this BS-filled story is all the whining that Republican meme mills are doing about being fact-checked and unable to share the story.

What did you think of the Trump campaign ad last week that edited the words of Dr. Fauci to make it appear that Fauci was endorsing Trump? That sure seems like BS to me.

Did you see Trump’s tweet yesterday that shows Kaleigh McEnany presenting journalist Leslie Stahl with a three-inch thick bound book full of everything Trump has done for healthcare? The picture in Trump’s OWN tweet even shows that when Stahl opens the book the pages are blank. Maybe getting called on his BS is why he stormed out of his 60 Minutes interview.

This BS wouldn’t work if Trump didn’t have a susceptible and gullible audience. Did you see the recent poll done by Yahoo News and YouGov that shows that more than 50% of Trump supporters have fallen for Qanonsense and believe that Trump is saving the world from child sex-trafficking rings?

If you’re believing that Qanon BS, don’t forget that Giuliani was tucking in his shirt very deeply with someone he thought was 15. And Giuliani’s boss Trump actually said this about his own daughter when she was 16: “Don’t you think my daughter’s hot? She’s hot, right?” and in 2006 he said this: “If Ivanka weren’t my daughter, perhaps I’d be dating her.”

Trump has provided us all the bullsh** we need to know that he has no place being in our highest office. And that is another reason I’m voting for Joe Biden this fall.