I’m voting for Joe Biden because he’s the only candidate with moral standing

October 20, 2020

I’m voting for Joe Biden this fall because he’s the only candidate with the moral standing to lead our great nation.

The party that once claimed the mantle of “The Moral Majority” is now anything but. Not only have they raised the most immoral man in modern American political memory as their standard bearer, but they have bowed down before him subserviently and turned him into an idol.

I remember when Republicans were outraged about Bill Clinton’s sexual scandals. Where is that outrage now? Why were they silent when their candidate paid $130,000 in hush money just four days before the last election to a porn star he had an affair with? Why have they been silent as he’s been accused of sexual harassment and assault more than 26 times? Why were they silent when he bragged about grabbing women by the p****?

Trump’s non-sexual moral failings are also well documented:

He is immoral because he enacted policies that separated children from families on the southern U.S. border. Today we learned that there are still 545 children who are permanently separated from their families as a result of these policies. Our U.S. Government deported their parents and now isn’t able to find them.

He is immoral because he has commuted the sentence of a criminal who personally helped him. And don’t pretend that Roger Stone was a victim. He is as dirty as they come.

He is immoral because he used funds from his non-profit Trump Foundation charity to buy a $60k portrait of himself to hang in Mar-a-Lago.

He is immoral because he has lied and made deliberate misleading claims more than 20,000 times.

He is immoral because he only denounces white nationalists after hemming and hawing long enough that the white nationalists know he’s still their guy.

He is immoral because his businesses used bankruptcy six times to make himself personally richer and to stiff the contractors who worked for him.

He is immoral for downplaying and lying about a public health crisis that was inconvenient for his campaign.

He is immoral because he puts himself above the people he was elected to serve.

Scratch very deep beneath many Trump Republicans and you’ll find that one of their biggest reasons for voting for him is that he supports their pro-life agenda. Here’s the thing about morality, though: when you claim it on only one issue and turn a blind eye to it on the others, you’ve lost sight of what morality actually is, and you’ve also lost your standing to ever make a moral argument again.