Today’s Republican party is the party of personal irresponsibility

October 3, 2020

I join Joe Biden in wishing the President a speedy and full recovery from Covid-19.

In addition to praying for the President’s recovery, Biden had his campaign pull all negative ads. Four years ago when Hillary Clinton had pneumonia just two months before the election, Trump didn’t wish her well, pray for her, or pull his negative ads. Rather, he openly mocked her. Watch the video.

Let that difference sink in.

Here’s something else that needs to sink in: this current Covid-19 outbreak that’s happening at the highest levels of the U.S. Government is a Republican outbreak, and it is the direct result of grossly irresponsible behavior by Republicans.

Late last week, the White House held a crowded party in the Rose Garden for Trump’s Supreme Court nomination pick where guests sat closely, kissed cheeks, and mingled at an indoor reception without masks. At least eight people who attended that party now have Covid-19.

As of now, this Republican outbreak includes not just the President and the First Lady, but also Republican U.S. Senators Ron Johnson, Mike Lee, and Thom Tillis, White House advisers Kellyanne Conway, Chris Christie, Bill Stepian, and Hope Hicks, and RNC chair Ronna McDaniel.

Chris Christie helped Trump with debate prep last Monday and reported that no one wore a mask during the prep. The next day at the debate, members of Trump’s family and administration refused to wear masks inside the debate hall, even though doing so was required by the Cleveland Clinic, which hosted the debate.

During the debate, Trump openly mocked Biden for always wearing a mask –– he was likely already infected at this time.

At the Duluth, Minnesota rally on Wednesday, one of Trump’s closest advisers Hope Hicks was officially diagnosed. Knowing he had been exposed, Trump held a fundraiser in Bedminster, New Jersey the very next day, where supporters paid up to $250,000 to have a BUFFET lunch with him.

Trump has defended his indoor rallies where people pack together unmasked as safe because “I’m on a stage, and it’s very far away.” This narcissistic definition of safety is mind-boggling for the man who is charged with keeping America safe.

Republicans have politicized the wearing of masks and refused to practice social distancing from the outset. When we look at the data, the 13 states with the highest per capita rate of Covid-19 infections all voted for Trump in 2016, and the 5 states with the lowest per capita rate all voted for Clinton. This thing isn’t even close to done, folks, and I’m with Fox News host Chris Wallace on this one: “Wear the damn mask.”

The so-called party of personal responsibility sure has fallen a long way.