Why I’m voting for Biden: The RNC elevates and promotes racists

August 25, 2020

There are many reasons I’m voting for Joe Biden this fall for President.

Here’s one: Out of all the people the Republican Party could choose to have speak at its convention, they chose the McCloskeys from St. Louis, a pair of personal injury lawyers who gained 15 minutes of fame for their stunt of pulling guns and brandishing them at Black Lives Matter protesters who trespassed near their palazzo in St. Louis.

It was a quite brilliant stunt, actually. The McCloskeys got free publicity, and a lot of it, including the RNC giving them a national spotlight. Personal injury lawyers love getting their names out there, and the RNC was happy to oblige, even though Republicans supposedly believe in tort reform. I guess principles only apply sometimes?

If you missed their speech, you didn’t miss much other than racist appeals that weren’t subtle. Here’s a summary: Rich [white] people in quiet neighborhoods are victimized by “mobs” of “radical,” “Marxist,” “revolutionary” [Black] Democrats who want to “spread chaos and violence” and destroy everything, including “abolishing the suburbs altogether,” but thankfully we have guns to keep them back.

It was nothing more than empty rhetoric punctuated by logical fallacies, and their inclusion in the convention was a blatant attempt to sow division and hate.

The McCloskeys talked about the dangers of an “out of control mob.” A group of people blindly following those around them without regard for logic or reason can indeed be scary; it reminds me a lot of…oh, never mind.