I’m voting for Biden, and I’m looking forward to this debate tonight

September 29, 2020

For months the Trump team has been pushing a smear campaign that questions Biden’s mental acuity and makes claims that he’s likely slipping into dementia.

These ads are so absurd that they should be funny, but they’re not. Here’s why: a staggering number of Republicans actually believe them.

It would be just as absurd if I believed that Trump was unable to drink a glass of water with one hand or walk down a ramp without taking baby steps because I saw The Lincoln Project’s very funny ad.

Republican campaigns often smear their opponents for their own weaknesses. So if we’re going to discuss mental acuity, then we should take a hard look at the guy who was asked to memorize “person woman man camera TV” and who thought that this was one of the more difficult questions on a cognitive test. We should also question the health of the man who volunteered that he did not have mini-strokes, even though no one asked him if he did.

By questioning Biden’s mental ability, the Trump campaign has set a trap for themselves –– if Biden can complete a sentence tonight, we’re all going to think he won the debate.

This past week, their approach has grown even more absurd and desperate with new claims: Are we supposed to believe that Biden is an experienced debater who takes performance enhancing drugs? Or that the liberal media has leaked him the questions so that he could memorize his answers ahead of time (hard to do with dementia, by the way). Or that he’s getting fed answers from a secret earpiece that’s so small we need to have ear inspectors before the debate?

Come on, people. Think.