Why I’m voting for Biden: Trump finds a way to duck under even the lowest of standards

September 30, 2020

The first debate was an ugly and painful and unprecedented 90 minutes in American history. 

Trump debates like he tweets –– loud, erratic, and filled with misinformation and outright lies. His performance lowered the standard of presidential behavior even further, which I did not think possible for the president who paid hush money to a porn star.

Make no mistake that Trump set the tone and drove this debate off the cliff. From the onset, he disregarded the debate rules both campaigns had agreed to and was intent on interrupting everything Biden or the moderator said.

The moment that best summed up the debate for me was when Biden had to say “Would you shut up, man?”

If you wonder why Biden called Trump a racist during the debate, it’s because Trump is a racist. When asked by the moderator to condemn white supremacists and tell them to stand down, he did the exact opposite. He gave a known hate group –– Proud Boys –– a direct shoutout and told them to “stand back and stand by.” If you’re a Christian who supports Trump, I encourage you to research this group and understand the forces that he’s aligning himself with and trying to rile up.

I’m voting for Biden because he stood in there and stood up to a bully for 90 minutes. He’s the only candidate on stage who actually looked into the camera and addressed the American people. If you missed it because of all of Trump’s interruptions, here’s one of the things Biden said about the upcoming election: “If it’s not me, I’ll support the outcome. And I’ll be a president, not just for the Democrats. I’ll be a president for Democrats and Republicans.”

The choice this year could not be more clear.