Why I’m voting for Biden: The Trump campaign is either un-American or incompetent

September 16, 2020

Did you see the Trump ad this week that said “Support Our Troops” over a photo of Russian MiG-29 fighter jets and Russian models holding Russian weapons?

I’m not making this up.

Even FOX covered this story.

The photo was created by Russian Arthur Zakirov and was purchased by the Trump campaign on Shutterstock, a website where anyone can get stock images of anything for about $5 per image. The photographer’s Shutterstock page even links to his very clearly Russian Facebook page.

If your whole campaign is about “America First” and “Making America Great Again,” shouldn’t you start by using American-made images of Americans?

If you’re running a campaign that’s been dogged by reports and investigations of undue Russian influence, shouldn’t you avoid using cut-rate stock images of Russian models and avoid pretending that they’re Americans?

What are the possible defenses of this blunder?

  1. Potato. Potahto. Who can tell the difference, really?
  2. Fake news! You’re being gaslighted.
  3. Look! A bald eagle on a flagpole!

Republicans, here’s why this matters: Your side is continually telling us that we can’t trust what’s in the media, but your side is the one putting forth things that are faked and things that are untrue, like this ad or the manipulated videos of Biden that Trump retweeted just today.

But, hey, at least everything in the “Support ‘Our’ Troops” ad was spelled correctly, unlike that other ad this week that announced Trump’s nomination for the “Noble Prize.”